creator, author and director

Louise Smit is the creator of many lovable characters, author of a string of children's books and director of children's Television programmes.

"Louise is a South African legend - her stories are adored by children of all ages. Me included." Deon Meyer (top-selling crime thriller author, his books were translated into 21 languages)

a few of her many lovable creations

  • Haas Das & Piet Muis
  • Karel Kraai & Sarel Seemonster
  • Woofles, Speckles, Freckles
  • Bennie Boekwurm
  • Her company Logo

a Big thank you

"Thank you Louise! You are a National Treasure. I must say, my Afrikaans was never better than when I was a little, watching Wielie Walie, Haas Das and Mina Moo. Of course I also loved Zap Mag, Pumpkin Patch and Kideo. Such creative, fun and brilliant entertainment for kids. Excellent characters too. I wonder if you realise what an incredible influence you have had on generations of South African children? Some of my happiest childhood memories were watching your programmes. And I am not alone. There are many facebook groups with hundreds of fan members for the Kideo & Pumpkin Patch groups alone. Once again, thank you so much for the countless hours of entertainment you have provided. SA children's television today is certainly in dire need of a Louise Smit.

Kind regards,

Nicola Barbour" 16 March 2009 (Edited)


  • Louise Smit is a creator of multi media products for children: radio, television, DVD's books and stage.
  • She created the most story characters for children's television in South Africa.
  • She was the first director/producer to use three dimensional puppets on television in South Africa.
  • Starting in the eighties, Louise was the first to produce multiracial children's programmes in South Africa.
  • Her initiative to use children as presenters on television was a first in the country.
  • Louise was responsible for the largest number of children's television series produced in South Africa.
  • She was the first in the country to start and run her own fully equipped television studio.
  • She never stops creating and is still brimful of new children's songs, stories and characters.